Kele Ft Lucy Taylor - What Did I Do

I've had the pleasure of knowing Lucy for the last few years, and have seen her grow from a shy (on stage, never in person) keys player with early Citadels, to singing some pretty strong lead vocals and now galavanting around in her underwear with Kele! Go Lucy.

And Kele's shaved his head! (bad move) and there's a little squeeze of dub! (good move, in a way)

M.I.A - Born Free

It's been banned from YouTube, it's been banned from Scotland, but we have it here. Well, we've poached it from Vimeo actually but whatever. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. It's a strange one, but we like it. We are also massive fans of our ginger friends.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Empire Of The Sun - Without You

Some of the most interesting video content, well, interesting is pretty lame, some of the most bizarre yet amazing video content produced this year comes from Empire of the Sun with their live broadcast of the solar eclipse a few weeks ago, and now their new video for 4th single off one of NMB's favourite albums of last year Walking on a Dream. Here's Without You.. (oh and the single mix is MUCH better than the album version. So well done. But 3m34s? Really? What happened to 5m00s?)

Hecuba - Suffering

“Music doesn’t care” – not much is known about Hecuba, I like this. So much so I’m not even going to bother finding out about their history or telling you what I think they sound like. I don’t want to see them doing acoustic covers of other bands. I don’t want to see videos of their rehearsals. I don’t want to read a dry press release about their influences and/or contemporaries. I want to watch this video again and again, buy their music, see them live, maybe even get a t-shirt.

Check this and say it doesn’t make you feel strangely and perfectly aroused. Word.

Hecuba is currently on a west coast tour of the states supporting Bat for Lashes so just jet over and see them, let them know I sent you. I just got back from LA actually, not bad over there. That’s a lie, the first part of that’s a lie anyway, I just got back from Chelmsford. Same same.